LaFayette Personal Chiropractic Care

Our Mission Statement

At Ford Chiropractic, our purpose is to aid patients in the relief of pain, increase the normal function of their bodies for work and recreation, and to educate them in avoiding future injury. We strive to do this sincerely, honestly, and affordably. Our hope is that patients will feel welcomed, unpressured, and cared for as a person. Our highest purpose is to Glorify God by following Jesus' example in love & integrity through our work. We seek to bring healing to people for their good and to represent God's kingdom where pain & suffering will ultimately cease.

Customer Reviews

"I just wanted to thank (Dr. Ford & the staff) at Ford Chiropractic. Every experience I have encountered has been pleasant. Dr. Ford always takes one on one time for each adjustment. My 10 year old (son) didn't even complain about his adjustment, and said he felt much better (afterward). That means A LOT!" - Vikie P

"Ford Chiropractic has a professional & comfortable atmosphere where their desire is to help those with pain." - Kathy C